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Human Factors Continuation

About the course


The term ‘Human factors’ refers to the principles which apply to aeronautical design, certification, training, operations and maintenance whilst seeking to ensure a safe interface between a human and other system components by paying due consideration to human performance. The course is designed to improve the level of awareness as concerns Human Factors and enhance the understanding of Human Performance issues related to aircraft maintenance activities.


Note: The Continuation training should be conducted approx. every two years.


Target Group:

Training course is dedicated, but not limited to personnel involved in to the aviation maintenance, engineering and training in accordance with Part-145, Part-M and Part-147.



The Training course comprises a review of the basic issues related to human factors and covers any new relevant information obtained from the analysis of recent incidents or accidents caused by human errors in the environment of aviation maintenance.


Note: The purchased course can be activated within the 6 months past the purchase date. Once the course is activated it must be completed within the period of 2 months.

1 hr 45 min
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