We are waiting for YOU

No one else but the employees of FL Technics Training are behind everything that the company stands for today. Whether it is a Hi-Tech solution like Online TrainingTM or a comprehensive training program for future specialists, everything is a product born from deep personal initiative, responsibility and the passion invested in the company by its dedicated team of professionals.                               


Have the ambitions to reach the SKY? Apply!

That is why we are always seeking to welcome talented people into our business. We are in search of people with a desire to build and develop their career in aviation, people who are willing to be not just a part of a team, but also the heart of that team, and, most importantly, people who have the passion for making a difference.

We don’t promise you a calm and cosy job, but we ensure you that it will certainly be an interesting and challenging one!

If you are ready to explore aviation with us, don‘t hesitate a moment longer and send us your Curriculum Vitae to [email protected]