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Online Training™ allows aircraft maintenance specialists to continue their professional development and training from the comfort of one’s own home or office, whether it is in Germany, Malaysia, Brazil, Nigeria or any other location on the globe. In other words, with the help of highly integrated IT and communication systems our dedicated EASA Part-147 certified instructors can share their experience and knowledge with you and your technical personnel any time, any place!

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Whether you are an individual MRO professional or a well-established MRO company, our Online Training™ is designed to facilitate the training process for every member of the industry.

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The content of the course is complete enough to acquire a wide knowledge about the topic. The video quality could be a little better in my opinion. The course is well divided in chapters with a little quiz after finishing each one. The duration is all right. The course can be finished in one day. The explanations are clear and easy to understand.

To summarize, I highly recommend this course.
The professionalism of the FL Technics staff and the attention they give to our queries together with an easy-to-use website and their commitment to improving the service they provide to the client, makes us work together for years.
Very much satisfied for the job you did in Online Training ! Pls accept my Best Regards

EWIS (Target groups 1-8) (Continuation)