What is 147training.com?

147training.com is a remote FL Technics-designed training platform offering aircraft maintenance courses complying with applicable requirements and regulations for online completion. All courses are approved by Part-147 Maintenance Training Organization.

Is your Company EASA Part-147 approved?

Yes, FL Technics is an EASA approved Maintenance Training Organization (MTO), Part-147 under approval reference No LT.147.001.

Are your certificates valid worldwide?

All our courses are compliant with applicable syllabus requirements. We have numerous clients worldwide, all of whom accept our certificates. However, it is up to the organization whether to accept training certificates. All syllabus is available within each course description.

I need a course for myself. How do I get it?

In order to get a course, please sign up and visit our e-shop. Add the selected course to the cart and proceed to payment. Once your payment is received, the course becomes active in your profile and you can start watching it.

I need a course for my colleague or friend. Can I buy one for him/her?

Yes! In order to get a course, please sign up and visit our e-shop. Add the selected course to the cart and proceed to payment. Once your payment is received, the course becomes active. When you see the course on your profile, use the Share functionality. Add your friend’s email to send the course.

Your friend will receive a notification regarding the shared course. He/she will need to sign up to receive the course from you.

I need to train my team. What do I start with?

If you are a Company who needs training for a group of employees, we suggest signing up for a corporate account. Then create your employee list (and a group, if needed), purchase the required courses and assign it to individual learners or groups. Once your employees sign up and complete the assignment, you will receive a notification and a certificate.

Can I use the system without registration?

You can complete the course without email registration if you have a ticket number and a password (this will setup a temporary account for you). Usually you will get a ticket when a company shares a course with you. However, if you wish to purchase the course, you will have to sign up for an account.

How do I sign up?

In order to register, please follow the link (or click on Register button in the top right corner of the window), provide your email and preferred password. Once you click Register, you will receive an email notification to verify your profile. When your profile is verified, you can start watching the courses.

Do I need a Private or a Corporate account?

If you are an individual who would like to do the course on your own or share it to your friend, then you need a Private account.

If you are a manager seeking to get your team trained, you will find a Corporate account more beneficial as it allows you to create an employee list, assign a course to a group of employees, monitor the completion progress and receive certificates for the completed courses, all to be stored in one place.

How do your courses look like?

Most of our courses are instructor-led presentations - you will feel as if attending a classroom. Others are presentations with artificial voice over, or a mix of both human and artificial voice over.

Do you provide video recordings or other training material?

No. Unfortunately, we do not provide any related documentation with the course. All material is available while studying only. Once you complete the final chapter/quiz and get your certificate, the course is no longer available.