What is a wallet?

A wallet is an equivalent of 147training.com own currency and can be used to purchase any online course on 147training.com. Wallets come in various preset values. The purchasing power of a wallet is directly related to its value – the larger the value of the wallet selected, the higher the purchasing power it provides. (E.g. pay 500 EUR, get 550 EUR to spend online). Wallet cannot be used to pay for virtual classroom training.

How do I start using the wallet?

Simply purchase a wallet product of the value you like. Once your payment is received, you will see your wallet balance in the top right corner, next to your profile.

Can I combine wallets of different value?

If you cannot find a wallet with the value you need, feel free to add several different wallet products to your cart to build-up the required value, or contact us at [email protected].

How can I check my remaining balance?

Your wallet balance is displayed in the top right corner, next to your profile. However, if your wallet is fully spent-up, nothing will be displayed there. The amount will reappear once you top up your wallet.

What is the wallet validity period?

Wallet validity is unlimited. Your wallet funds won’t expire while you have your account with 147training.com.

Can I get a refund for a wallet purchase?

Unfortunately, wallets are not refundable. However, if you do not wish to use the wallet as your payment option anymore, we can convert the remaining funds to a voucher of the same value, which you will be able to use anytime. Please, contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you!

Can I combine different payment options, e.g. pay part of the amount with wallet and the remaining part – with PayPal or Bank transfer?

Unfortunately, there is no such option available yet. But feel free to send us your feedback at [email protected] if you’d like this feature to be added. Should we see the interest, we will consider its development in future. 

Why should I select the wallet option?

  • It’s time-saving. Companies normally choose a Bank transfer as their payment option for the courses. However, sometimes it takes up to 5 days for the payment to be received, which delays the course activation. The wallet option allows your courses to be activated the moment you confirm your order.. 
  • It’s money-saving. With a wallet, you get a larger amount to spend than you would get with a regular payment. 
  • It’s flexible. You no longer need to limit yourself to particular courses when planning your team’s training. Purchase a wallet and then buy the courses you need on demand. This means no more headache with pre-purchased training courses and ever-changing training needs of your team!