Who are our clients and what are they saying about us?

The experienced and professional staff of the FL Technics have provided useful advices and proposed remarkable solutions for unscheduled maintenance work. We have found their back-shops and in-house spare parts supply very efficient.
Generally - very nice and user friendly
The professionalism of the FL Technics staff and the attention they give to our queries together with an easy-to-use website and their commitment to improving the service they provide to the client, makes us work together for years.
We have been working with FL Technics on many projects in the past and we are sure that we will continue doing so in the future. Our choice is based on the key qualities of the company, such as their professionalism, dedication, reliability and attention to detail.
The content of the course is complete enough to acquire a wide knowledge about the topic. The video quality could be a little better in my opinion. The course is well divided in chapters with a little quiz after finishing each one. The duration is all right. The course can be finished in one day. The explanations are clear and easy to understand.

To summarize, I highly recommend this course.
SCAT Air Company is pleased to confirm that its use of FL Technics maintenance management has proven to be an exceptional combination of cost-effective solutions and high standards of technical service.