I would like to enrol in one of your virtual training courses. Where do I start?

In order to enrol in our virtual classroom courses, please visit our E-shop and purchase the course you are interested in. Your enrolment will be activated upon receipt of payment.

How do I pay for the training?

All you need to do is sign up, add a course to your cart, proceed to payment, and pay.

Do I need to submit a copy of my passport or any other documents?

No, that’s not necessary. You need to fill out your personal details in your Profile and be ready to provide some additional information upon request.

Will I get a refund if I paid for the training course, but changed my mind later?

For the cancellation/refund options, please visit our T&C.

Will I get a refund if the minimum number of trainees in the group hasn’t been reached?

For the cancellation/refund options, please visit our T&C.

How do I get support if I forget something or need assistance after the registration?

We pay great attention to providing all the necessary support to our trainees. Upon enrolment, you will be assigned a personal Training Coordinator to guide you through the process. He/she will be staying in touch with you all through the pre-training, training and post-training stages, briefing you on the related procedures, requesting all the relevant information and updating you on the process. Please feel free to contact your Training Coordinator with all your training-related questions.

Is it possible to start the course on a different date?

Although we normally have fixed dates for our courses, a certain degree of flexibility is still possible on a specific request. Please contact us at [email protected] with your needs, and we will get back to you with possible options!

How can I learn about the upcoming courses?

Make sure you check out our Virtual Classroom section, follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter to learn the news.


What is the format used to deliver your training courses?

Our virtual courses are delivered as synchronous, instructor-led training conducted via the Zoom video conference platform. Groups are typically composed of 15-28 attendees.

What equipment am I supposed to have for the training?

For training, each trainee is required to be using a personal computer equipped with:

  • Webcamera;
  • Audio speakers;
  • Microphone;
  • Zoom video conferencing service installed;
  • Sufficient Internet connection.

To minimize background noise, using headphones is recommended.

Do I need to have my Webcamera on all the time during the training?

Yes, absolutely – all trainees must be visible all time during the training sessions. No worries – there will be sufficient breaks provided every hour.

Can I be doing something else while attending the course?

Unfortunately no. Studying in a virtual classroom equals to studying in a traditional one. Therefore, no walking around the house, housekeeping, cycling or any other distracting activity is acceptable during the training. Trainees shall be at a fixed location which would allow them to concentrate on studying without undue distraction or discomfort. They also need to stay visible all the time throughout the training sessions.

Can I join the training via my mobile phone?

Our virtual classroom training cannot be attended via a mobile phone as this will prevent you from seeing the training material properly. We are highly interested in the efficiency of our training, therefore we require using a personal computer to follow our courses.

Will I get any Training Material?

An individual copy of Training Material will be provided to you in electronic format before the training.

In what language will the training be conducted?

For language info, please see the relevant course description on our website.

What is the daily training duration?

The pure training time includes the maximum of 6 hours per day for type rating courses and 6-8 hours per day for specialized ones (excluding the breaks).

If I have any questions during the training, whom can approach with them?

All organizational questions shall be addressed to the Training Coordinator assigned to the course.

All content-related questions shall be addressed to the Training Instructor, at the training or during the Assisted Learning sessions.

What is Assisted Learning?

Assisted Learning is our special feature intended to help trainees with their learning and ensure the overall efficiency of the training. Assisted learning is a period of time allotted specifically for answering trainees’ questions by the Instructor. Normally, it covers approx. 1 hour at the end of each training day.

Is it mandatory to participate in Assisted Learning?

No, attending the Assisted Learning sessions is not mandatory, although highly desirable. Time spent for Assisted Learning does not count as training time.

What if my Internet connection gets interrupted during training or my there are problems with my PC?

Each trainee is fully responsible for the training environment at his/her location. In case something goes wrong (e.g., poor video, external noise, echoing audio, etc.), the trainee is supposed to immediately notify the Instructor and, if necessary, the Training Coordinator. In case appropriate conditions cannot be restored within a reasonable timeframe, the course may be continued without the trainee affected. Please note that the tolerated level of absence is 10% of the total training time.

Can I share my PC screen with another trainee?

No, unfortunately you can’t – each trainee is supposed to be using an individual computer/device while attending a course.

If I have an urgent matter, can I leave the course?

Please note that the tolerated level of absence is only 10% of the total training time.

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Do I need to take an exam as part of my training course?

To learn whether there any examinations for a course, please see the relevant course description on our website.

I can see that taking an exam is mandatory. Can I do it in virtual environment?

Please note that all our exams are held in a traditional classroom (live environment) during examination sessions.

How do I enrol for an examination session?

The date and location for examination sessions are listed in the course description. You can also reach out to us at [email protected] to discuss specific details. 

Are there any time constraints for taking an exam after training?

An examination must be taken within 6 months after the training has been completed.

In which language are exams conducted?

Examinations are always conducted in English.

Will there be a course review arranged before an exam?

Please be advised that we do not arrange a course review prior to an exam. However, there are Assisted Learning sessions organized to address trainees’ questions on the subject. Please note that Assisted Learning shall not be confused with a short „Refresher course“ or a „Review“, and shall remain fully student-centred – i.e. the trainees shall initiate the discussion and ask questions.

Are the examination-related travelling and living expenses already included in the Course Price?

No, the travelling and living expenses related to taking exams at the Examination Centre are not included in the Course Price. It’s a trainee’s full responsibility to organize his/her trip and cover all the related expenses.

If I fail an exam, when can I take a resit?

An examination resit may be arranged the next day after the failed attempt.

How many times can I resit an examination? Can I have as many attempts as I need?

For each examination, three attempts are permitted with no extra charge (meaning 1 Initial Examination and its 2 resits). Further resits can only be held at the discretion of the Training Manager and at extra cost.

Can I repeat a respective phase of the training?

Yes, this can be done at the discretion of the Training Manager and at extra cost.


When and how will my certificate be issued?

You will receive a hard copy of your certificate free of charge within 30 calendar days after completion of the course and successful passing of all the exams, if any. 

Will I get a Certificate of Recognition for any course I take?

A certificate of Recognition is only issued upon successful completion of a Type Rating Training Course.

What is the validity of Certificates of Recognition issued by your training organization?

Certificates have mutual recognition within all EASA Member states. In many cases EASA certificates are also recognized by other countries, in such case please consult you Licencing Authority.

Certificates of Recognition are valid for life, however for Licencing purposes Type Rating Training shall be started and completed within the 3 years preceding the application for a type rating endorsement.

I’ve noticed incorrect personal details in my certificate. Can you amend them and send me a new certificate?

Kindly note that prior to each training, a trainee is required to enter his/her personal details into the Customer’s Course Registration Form. Please pay close attention while filling out this form as your personal details specified there will be later used for issuing your Certificate. Trainees shall also doublecheck and verify their details by email confirmation just before the training. If the personal details entered into the Customer’s Course Registration Form contain errors or typos, and afterwards a need arises to amend the Certificate, amendments can be done at additional charge.