Wallet 105

Pay 100 EUR and get 105 EUR to spend online.


A wallet is an equivalent of 147training.com own currency and can be used to purchase any course on 147training.com. Wallets come in various preset values. The purchasing power of a wallet is directly related to its value – the larger the value of the wallet selected, the higher the purchasing power it provides.

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  • It’s time-saving. Companies normally choose a Bank transfer as their payment option for the courses. However, sometimes it takes up to 5 days for the payment to be received, which delays the course activation. The wallet option allows your courses to be activated the moment you confirm your order.
  • It’s money-saving. With a wallet, you get a larger amount to spend than you would get with a regular payment.
  • It’s flexible. You no longer need to limit yourself to particular courses when planning your team’s training. Purchase a wallet and then buy the courses you need on demand. This means no more headache with pre-purchased training courses and ever-changing training needs of your team!

Wallet 105