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EWIS for target group 3-8

About the course


Aviation Accident Investigators have specifically cited the need for improved training of personnel to ensure adequate recognition and repair of potentially unsafe aircraft wiring conditions.

This Online training will greatly enhance the awareness with regard to the importance of EWIS safety as concerns the overall safe operation of aeroplanes.

Target Group:

The training program is aimed at the personnel who are not directly involved in the maintenance and inspection of EWIS, identified as (i.a.w. AMC 20-22):

·         Target group 3 – qualified staff performing electrical/avionic engineering on in-service aeroplanes;

·         Target group 4 – qualified staff performing general maintenance/inspections not involving wire maintenance;

·         Target group 5 - qualified staff performing other engineering or planning work on in-service aeroplanes;

·         Target group 6 – other service staff with duties in the proximity of EWIS;

·         Target group 7/8 – flight deck crew and cabin crew.


The course material is based on the AMC 20-22 Appendix B and covers the following subjects:

·         A – general electrical wiring interconnection system practices

·         B – wiring practices documentation

·         C – inspection

·         D – housekeeping

·         E – wire

·         F – connective devices

Note: The purchased course can be activated within the 6 months past the purchase date. Once the course is activated it must be completed within the period of 2 months.

3 hrs 15 min
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