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Human Factors based on Part-66 Module 9

About the course


This training course is aimed to assist in preparation for Module 9A Basic examination or to meet the requirements of Appendix IV to Part-145 „Conditions for the use of staff not qualified in accordance with Annex III (Part-66) referred to in points 145A.30(j)1 and 2“ or to familiarize with human factors for other position persons.

This is not Part-66 Basic training and certificate of recognition will not be issued. This is specialized aviation training and online training certificate will be given.Many investigations of accidents/incidents in aviation have revealed "human factors" to be  an important element in the chain of unfortunate events.


The term ‘Human factors’ refers to the principles which apply to aeronautical design, certification, training, operations and maintenance whilst seeking to ensure a safe interface between a human and other system components by paying due consideration to human performance.

In order to reduce the impact of human factors, it is highly important to ensure that all the processes involved in the maintenance of aeronautical products are analysed and any procedural requirements are adhered to at all times.

Target Group:

This training is specifically designed for:

-Certifying/Support staff who wish to be qualified in accordance with the Appendix IV to Part-145. (In facilities or line stations located outside the territory of the European Community).

- Individuals who are preparing for the Part-66 Basic examination.

-Any other personnel involved in aircraft maintenance, auditing or quality systems


The course follows the Part-66 Appendix I Syllabus for Module 9A (Human factors) and covers the following subjects:

- General

-Human Performance and Limitations

-Social Psychology

-Factors Affecting Performance

-Physical Environment



-Human Error

-Hazards in the Workplace

Note: The purchased course can be activated within the 6 months past the purchase date. Once the course is activated it must be completed within the period of 2 months.

3 hrs 45 min
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