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Fuel Tank Safety (Phase 2)

About the course

Target Group:

Fuel Tank Safety (Phase 2) Training course is dedicated to personnel involved in the aviation maintenance (with relevant technical experience) in accordance with Appendix IV to AMC to 145.A.30 (e) and Appendix XII to AMC to A.M.A.706 (F). 


The training program includes:


PART I: The theoretical background behind the risk of fuel tank safety, concepts to prevent explosions

PART II: The major accidents related to fuel tank systems

PART III: The requirements of SFAR 88 of the FAA and JAA Interim Policy INT POL 25/12

PART IV: The results of SFAR 88 of the FAA and JAA INT/POL 25/12

PART V: Flammability Reduction Means

PART VI: Airworthiness Limitations and CDCCLin the instructions for continuing airworthiness

PART VII: CDCCL Controlling and Recording

PART VIII: Fuel Tank Safety during maintenance

PART IX: Examples of defects and the associated repairs as required by the TC / STC holders maintenance data



Multichoice questions examination after 100% completion of the course.  Pass mark – 75%; 
1 re-examination possible after 24 hours (if both attempts failed, full course has to be completed again).
Certificate issued only after successfull course and examination completion.
Note: The purchased course can be activated within the 6 months past the purchase date. Once the course is activated it must be completed within the period of 2 months.








4 hrs 45 min
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